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    Just for 5€, you can take part in a special Money Lobby session, where bags of GTA$ will be dropped on your character in GTA 5 Online. The session will take place on PC. The bags contain 2500$ each, this amount will effectively prevent the interest of Rockstars Anti-Cheat system. Using this method, you will be able to collect GTA$ 100 000 000. No need for giving your personal account information. All we need, is for you to put your Social Club Username in the Text section of the Donation. to collect your virtual GTA$, you have an unlimited amount of time, but try to collect it as often and quickly as you can. Money Lobby from GTA Forums will assure you the gameplay, where you don't need to worry about your finance. Meanwhile other players are repeating the same missions over and over, you can become a millionaire, by a simple rational transaction, that will lead you to unbelievable amounts of Money, in GTA Online.​
    Money Lobby sessions are organized 24 hours a day. You collect when you want.
    GTA in the Money Lobby, pay through TipeeeStream 5€. Fill in the blank spaces, in the name box, fill in your Social Club name, that will be taking part in the session (if your in game Name has a full stop, then write it without the full stop). In the contents box, fill in saying "i have read, and accept the rules of Money Lobby". Follow the rules to safely collect the virtual cash. After collecting all of your cash, remove the the money dropping account form your friends list. Spend the money only in Public lobbies, and do not deposit it into your Bank.

    Optons payment friends and family

    Money Lobby Rules
    1. Accept the invite to your friends list on social club with a message containing " lobby"
    2. When you accept the invite from the money dropping account, join the money lobby sesion withing GTA Online 3. In the Money lobby session you must be in passive mode.
    4. Don't drive any vechicles inside the Los Santos Airport. You can only drive to the gate, then you must walk the rest.
    5. do not move whilst collecting the money, also do not go near other players in the money lobby sesion.
    6. During the session, you may go AFK, in this instance place something on the CAPSLOCK key or the TAB button. Yet still try to give signs of activity. eg move your mouse, which wont let Rockstar remove you from the session for inactivity.
    7. After collecting 100 000 000 GTA$, proceed to leave the session, and remove the money dropping account for your social club friends list.
    8. Do not deposit any of the collected money into your bank.
    9. Money from this lobby is only to be spent in public lobbies.
    10. Do not show of your wealth to other players in the lobby.
    11. Cash from money lobby is non-refundable.
    12. Player who do not follow the rules will be removed from the session and and lose their permission to access this Money Lobby

    By donating, you are taking part in the Money Lobby and accept the terms and rules.
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